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Cancellation or reschedule by the customer

Not cancellable
Bookings cannot be cancelled by the customer. No refund will be given for bookings cancelled by the customer.

Not reschedulable
Bookings cannot be rescheduled by the customer. The customer will not be allowed to prepone or postpone their booking. Requests from customers to reschedule the booking will not be accommodated.

Cancellation or reschedule by the customer citing extenuating circumstances

Not cancellable or reschedulable
Bookings cannot be cancelled or rescheduled by the customer even when they cite extenuating circumstances such as a medical emergency or death of a close one as a reason to request cancellation or reschedule. Requests from customers to cancel or reschedule the booking will not be accommodated and no refund will be given.

99% of the customers who request a cancellation or reschedule cite medical emergency or death of a close one as a reason for requesting cancellation or reschedule. Unfortunately, It is not possible to verify claims of such sensitive nature and it is not possible to allow cancellation or reschedule. No refund will be given.

Cancellation by the operator

Fully refundable or reschedulable
The operator reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time for a variety of reasons. If the booking is cancelled by the operator, the customer will be eligible to get a full refund or reschedule their booking (subject to availability).

If the booking is cancelled by the operator, all attempts would be made to inform the customer as early as possible. However, it is important to note that the booking may also get cancelled by the operator at the last minute (after the customer has arrived at the sailing venue).

While the customer is eligible to get a full refund or reschedule their booking, it is important to note that the customer will not be entitled to get any compensation to cover any expenses borne by the customer to fulfil the booking such as travel expenses, accommodation or any other related expenses.

Below are specific scenarios under which the operator may cancel the booking:

Technical failures: Including but not limited to engine failure, equipment malfunction, structural damage to the yacht, fuel or power supply issues, safety inspections and maintenance requirements, all of which may compromise the safety and functionality of the yacht.

Unfavourable weather: Including but not limited to unfavourable weather conditions, such as high winds, low winds, strong tides or ocean currents, rough seas, storms, adverse visibility, or other hazardous atmospheric conditions, which pose risks to the safety and comfort of passengers and crew.

Government restrictions: Including but not limited to restrictions by government bodies such as the Indian Navy, Coast Guard, Police, or other relevant authorities, due to security concerns, public safety measures, or regulatory compliance issues. These restrictions may include mandates prohibiting the operation of the activity, necessitating the cancellation of bookings to ensure compliance and safety.

No show

Not refundable or reschedulable
If the customer or a member of their group does not show up, no refund or reschedule will be given. The booking will be considered cancelled by the customer.

Reporting time and reaching late

Reporting time
It is mandatory for the customer to reach the meeting point (Jetty No. 5) 15 minutes prior to the booking start time.

The gate of the place from where we enter the sea (Jetty No. 5) opens at 7 am. Hence, for all 7-9 am bookings, customers are requested to patiently wait at the gate of Jetty No. 5 till the gate is opened by security officials.

Reaching late
If the customer arrives late, they will still get to go sailing but there will be an additional waiting time of approximately 45 to 60 minutes at the shore before they get started with sailing. This waiting time is for the transfer motor boat to arrive. On reaching the meeting point (Jetty No. 5), the customer is requested to call the operations executive on his mobile number and inform him that they have reached the jetty. The customer is then requested to patiently wait at the shore for the transfer motor boat to arrive. Please note that if the customer arrives late, their sailing time will not be extended.

Change of yacht

The customer will not be allowed to change the yacht after the booking is confirmed.

Maximum allowed guest capacity

Customers will not be allowed to exceed the maximum allowed guest capacity of the yacht. Each child and adult is counted as 1 person in the total guests count.

Distance covered

The total distance covered while sailing varies between approximately 1 km to 3 km and is dependent on the wind speed and tide. Requests from customers to cover more distance will not be entertained.

Sailing route

There is no fixed route for the sailing experience. The direction in which the boat will sail will be decided by the sailor by considering the wind speed, wind direction, tide, time duration of the experience and more. Requests from customers to sail further ahead in the open sea or in a particular direction will not be entertained.

Total booking duration, actual sailing duration and how it is calculated

Total booking duration
The total booking duration is generally 2 hours.

Actual sailing duration
The actual sailing duration (in a 2 hours booking) is approximately 90 minutes. It is the actual time spent by the customer on the booked boat.

The actual sailing duration is calculated from the time the customer boards the boat to the time the customer disembarks from the boat.

What to expect: Yacht's cleanliness, condition and maintenance

While basic cleaning is done on the yachts on a daily basis and maintenance work is performed regularly, it is important to note that the yachts are not in a pristine condition. You will easily be able to see marks, scratches, stains, dents, minor rust, corrosion, pilling, warping, minor cracks, wear on edges or corners, wear on moving parts, loss of sheen or gloss on the yacht due to regular wear and tear.

Open deck: Boats are parked close to the land (near Gateway of India) and the open deck of the boat constantly attracts dust. The open deck may also be wet in some places due to sea water sprinkling while sailing and also due to dew drops. The open deck and the seating areas are cleaned on a daily basis.

Cabin: Some boats have a small cabin and they may look fancy in photos. But these cabins are not anywhere close to a luxurious room / space. Basic cleaning is done on a regular basis and while they are not extremely untidy, they are also not fully spick and span. Cabins also do not have a proper ventilation system and it feels airless inside. Sitting in the cabin is not a very enjoyable experience due to these reasons.

Sails: The sails on the boats are white in colour. In the first 1-2 years of use, the bright white colour in the sails remains but post that the colour slowly turns into off-white due to exposure to water, wind and regular wear and tear.

Emergency toilet / washroom: Some boats have an emergency toilet or washroom on board. While efforts are made to keep it sanitary, the toilet may not always be clean to the standards customers might expect on land. Factors such as frequent use during trips, limited water supply for flushing and cleaning, and due to the constraints of space and the nature of being at sea affect its state. It's advisable to prepare for this aspect of the yacht experience, understanding that the emergency toilet serves its purpose with basic functionality in mind rather than utmost cleanliness or comfort.

"As Is" condition
By booking the yacht, customers accept it "as is," fully aware of its condition and the inherent limitations of maintaining a yacht in a nautical environment. Furthermore, customers are not eligible for any form of remediation, including refunds, rescheduling, or compensation, for complaints related to the condition of the yacht as described above, acknowledging these aspects as part of the inherent nature of the yacht.

Photos are for representation purposes only

While we strive to provide accurate photographs of the yachts to assist you in making an informed booking decision, these images are representative and subject to variations in appearance. Factors such as maintenance, enhancements, upgrades, natural wear and tear, and occasional breakages may alter the yacht's appearance slightly from what is depicted.

Additionally, environmental elements like lighting conditions, weather, and the yacht's specific location at the time of the photo shoot can also influence the perceived appearance. The yacht is offered 'as is', and customers are not eligible for a refund based on complaints regarding these natural and anticipated variations.

Dinghy motor boat for transfers between the shore and the yacht

As part of the yacht sailing experience, guests will be transferred between the shore and the yacht using a dinghy motor boat. To ensure all guests are well-informed and can adequately prepare, please take note of the following regarding the conditions of the dinghy motor boat used for transfers:

Condition and cleanliness of the dinghy: The dinghy motor boats are functional and safe for use; however, they often bear the marks of the maritime environment in which they operate. Guests may notice signs of wear such as scuff marks and saltwater stains on the interior / exterior surfaces and seating areas. The presence of dust, stains, and sea spray residue is common, reflecting the boat's active use in outdoor conditions.

Water inside the dinghy: Operating in open water, it is natural for splash-back and bilge water to occasionally enter the dinghy, especially during choppy sea conditions. This may result in a wet floor inside the boat. To enhance comfort, we suggest wearing appropriate footwear and clothing that can withstand getting a bit damp.

Marine environment effects: The dinghy’s appearance and condition are also influenced by algae growth, barnacles on the outer areas (especially the bottom of the boat), and other marine elements typical to boats frequently used in sea water. While these do not affect the safety or operational capability of the dinghy, they are indicative of the authentic boating environment.

By booking a yacht, guests acknowledge their understanding of the dinghy motor boats' condition and cleanliness. This acknowledgment is part of accepting the genuine yacht sailing trip operators aim to provide.

Customers are not eligible for any form of remediation, including refunds, rescheduling, or compensation, for complaints related to the condition of the dinghy motor boat as described above, acknowledging these aspects as part of the inherent nature of the activity.

Ventilation in cabin yachts

Some sailing yacht may have a cabin. Sailing yachts with a cabin do not have a proper ventilation system. This is mainly due to how they are designed. Cabin sail yachts also do not have fans to circulate the air inside the cabin and it feels airless inside. Sitting in the cabin is not a very enjoyable experience due to these reasons.

Guests may feel uncomfortable / motion sickness on being seated inside the cabin for a long time.

Guests usually enjoy the sailing experience much more when seated on the open deck of the yacht.

Customers who book cabin yachts usually spend 90 % of their time on the open deck of the yacht.

Watching the sunset / sunrise

We understand that many customers seek to watch the sunset or sunrise while sailing on the yacht. While we appreciate and share the desire to experience these natural wonders, it's important to note that the time slots for sailing are fixed and cannot be customised to align with the timing of sunrise or sunset. The predetermined time slots ensure efficient operation and adherence to safety and regulatory protocols.

We encourage customers to check local sunrise and sunset times when booking to manage expectations accordingly. However, please note that we cannot guarantee specific alignment with these celestial events.

Additionally, the traffic of boats at the jetty, potential long queues at the jetty to board their respective boats, the arrival of the transfer motor boat, boarding the transfer motor boat, any unforeseen technical failures, unfavourable weather conditions and waiting time at the jetty can all influence the timing of your sailing trip. These factors may result in situations where customers might not witness the sunset or sunrise as anticipated.

Requests from customers to speed up or delay the status of operations to align the sailing time with the timing of sunrise or sunset would not be entertained.

Senior citizens

Physical fitness
If the senior citizen is physically fit to jog / run and climb stairs without external support, they would be considered fit to go sailing.

Medical fitness
If the senior citizen has any medical condition, they should check with their doctor to decide weather this activity would be safe for them.

Mobility aids
Senior citizens who require a mobility aid like wheelchair, walker, walking cane, crutches, walking frame etc. will not be allowed to go sailing.


Minimum age limit
Generally, there is no minimum age limit for sailing. On some yachts, the operators of the yachts have set a minimum age limit and it varies for each yacht. The customer must share the age of all people in their group at the time of booking.

Lifejackets are not provided for children below 5 years of age. The small sized lifejackets may or may not fit the child depending on the body size.

Strollers for babies / children are not allowed.

Sailing as an activity is safe for children. Just like any outdoor adventure activity, parents / guardians must look after children at all times while on the yacht.

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