Yacht Sailing in Mumbai – What to expect and what not to expect


We believe it is essential to accurately convey the true nature of the yacht sailing tours offered in Mumbai, ensuring that every customer makes a booking with a clear understanding of what to expect—and what not to expect. By setting the right expectations from the start, we aim to foster a genuine appreciation for the raw beauty and rustic charm of yacht sailing tours in Mumbai.

We request you to kindly read the following details to understand what to expect and what not to expect when you go for a yacht sailing tour in Mumbai.

Sailing experience and yacht’s condition

✅ A rustic sailing experience on a basic sailing yacht.
❌ A luxurious sailing experience on a luxury yacht.

✅ A basic sailing yacht with visible wear and tear (such as marks, scratches, stains, dents, minor rust, corrosion, pilling, warping, minor cracks, wear on edges or corners, wear on moving parts, loss of sheen or gloss etc.).
❌ A yacht in pristine / brand new condition.

Cabin yachts

✅ A small cabin space practically of no use during the sailing experience.
❌ A big and spacious cabin space.

✅ An airless cabin with no proper ventilation.
❌ A well ventilated cabin in which you can spend a lot of time.

✅ A cabin that may not be very clean and hygienic to spend a lot of time inside.
❌ A spick and span or luxurious cabin.

Dinghy motor boat for transfers between the shore and yacht

✅ A dinghy motor boat with visible wear and tear such as scuff marks, saltwater stains, dust etc.
❌ A clean and well kept dinghy motor boat.

Staff / captain crew

✅ Hindi / Marathi speaking captain / crew.
❌ English speaking captain / crew.

✅ Captain / crew employed from coastal towns wearing ordinary workday clothes, sometimes with visible stains / dirt due to working in the outdoors.
❌ Well dressed or uniformed captain / crew.

Infrastructure at the common meeting place (Jetty no. 5)

✅ A small common jetty as old as the Gateway of India.
❌ A fancy marina you may have seen in other countries.

✅ Expect the jetty to be crowded and long queue / waiting time to board the transfer boat during peak hours
❌ A well managed jetty with dedicated staff to escort you like a VIP.

✅ Coordinate on phone and in person with the staff at the jetty to board the transfer boat.
❌ Dedicated staff / personnel at the jetty to personally escort you to the transfer boat / yacht.

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